Obesity Physiotherapy
Obesity Physiotherapy

More than 135 million individuals are affected by obesity in India. In some cases, the health condition correlates with cardio problems. Opting for high-profile surgeries to get back into your well-being is not recommended always.

Physiotherapy can heal you holistically. It promotes well-being and helps you regulate extra weight and stop other secondary problems from developing. Wellbeing Care provides the best Obesity physiotherapy in Bawana. We have the most functional and practical therapy treatment solutions to treat various body disorders, injuries, or any prevalent health condition.

Causes of Obesity

The cause can be genetic, metabolic, behavioral, or hormonal. Major changes in any of these aspects can influence your body weight. Simply, if you have a greater intake of calories than burning, without any physical activity or exercise in your daily routine, obesity can grip your body. The extra calories are stored in the body as fats. With the help of effective physiotherapy treatment, we aim to enhance body movement and reduce the effect of obesity on other parts in the least possible time.

How can physiotherapy help?

Effective physiotherapy promotes mobility. We help you enhance your body mobility and restore body functions that are stiff, tendon, or painful. While you regularly exercise as directed by our specialized physiotherapists, it is bound to regain high mobility levels positively. This small start helps you to be determined for your fitness goals in the longer run.

How you can expect physiotherapy work to reduce obesity:

  • Therapy treatment works for a strict weight-loss mission.
  • We devise various physical activity plans, strategies for body movements, advise diet plans and help you meet your daily goals for a strict fitness regime.
  • Physiotherapy treatment to treat obesity is the best option for adults as well as children.

Benefits for choosing physiotherapy treatment

It is the best workable option to increase strength, restore flexibility, and help you build excellent cardiovascular health.

  • It reduces pain and prevents further body injuries, which may occur with excessive weight gain.
  • Physiotherapy helps you maintain the balance of all body functions.

Be sure to avoid unhealthy lifestyle choices.

Your lifestyle choices play a significant role in deciding your fitness regime. Being obsessed and falling prey to different cardio diseases is common with obesity for all age groups. Here is a short list of lifestyle choices which you should never adopt.

Unhealthy diet/ Liquid calories

Don’t go for a high-calorie diet, including high-calorie beverages and oversized portions. It is better to go for a diet rich in fruits and vegetables. Additionally, sometimes you can drink more than the required calories without even feeling full. Especially if you drink alcohol, make sure you only take the needed calories in your diet. To help you further, we have an advanced, well-equipped physiotherapy center with top physiotherapists to cure you fast.

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