Occupational Therapy (OT) may be a branch of healthcare that empowers people with physical, sensory, and cognitive problems to steer a healthy life.

With multiple therapies, exercises, and activities, an Occupational Therapist helps people gain independence and perform everyday tasks without assistance.

At our school and therapy center, our expert Therapists work with children on various levels to spice up their self-esteem, improve their daily skills, and help them participate fully in class and other social scenarios.

Areas of Improvement:

  • With activities like twiddling with play dough, painting, puzzles, and more, children learn to use small muscles and develop fine motor skills. These are Wellbeing Care for holding a spoon, eating, writing, and anything that needs the utilization of those muscles.
  • We also work on improving the eye-hand coordination in children, fundamental to activities like copying from a blackboard, playing any sport, inserting a key within the hole, and almost every activity.
  • Children are made independent by teaching them the way to bathe, wear clothes, eat, and do other day-to-day activities.
  • We also work on their emotional and psychological state , teaching them positive behaviors and social skills plus anger management.
  • Apart from these, if children require any special equipment sort of a wheelchair, communication aids, and more, it’s provided to them.

Who needs this treatment?

Children might need physical therapy if they show any of those signs.
  • Developmental delays
  • Having trouble with fine motor skills like writing, holding a pencil, coloring, et al. .
  • Poor gross motor skills like balancing, climbing and descending stairs, et al. that need these motor skills.
  • Weak visual processing like having difficulty in recognizing letters, copying shapes, and more.
  • Weak and awkward social interaction skills.