Psychological – Assessment
Psychological Assessment is that the process of understanding the child’s behavior and personality to work out their strengths and weaknesses and supply recommendations for behavioral and academic improvement.
It constitutes two parts: assessing and testing. within the assessment phase, the therapists evaluate the child’s thoughts, learning capabilities, and behavior. it’s done through personal interviews, observations, testing, and consultation with other professionals involved within the child’s care. the opposite phase includes manual tasks like drawing, puzzles, games, and other skill areas like intellect, language, memory, problem-solving, and more.

Who needs it?

Any child who shows signs of behavioral or attention issues, is depressed or feels anxious, and features a learning disability is referred for Psychological Assessment.

Moreover, children struggling in class or miss their developmental milestones also are recommended to undergo a psychological assessment.

How can we help?

Our psychologists perform a series of tests that help them analyze the matter and supply a customized solution to the kid .

Interview :

This phase may be a general interview session with the kid to find out about their likings, skills, strengths, and weaknesses. The psychologist interviews the kid , then the oldsters , and sometimes, if needed, the teachers et al. who know the kid well to urge a far better understanding of the kid .


Psychologists observe the kid during evaluation. They observe their reaction, responses, and behavior. Sometimes, they visit their home and faculty to ascertain them interact with others and obtain more clarity.

Standardized Test:

These are general tests taken by different people. It helps our psychologist to research the varied tests of various children, and understand the child’s abilities. It allows us to understand how the kid performs in several areas like movement, behavior, reading, writing, and maths

Review :

The psychologist may review the medical records, academic performance, tests, and fogeys and teachers to know the kid better.


After understanding the child’s world, our psychologist will recommend strategies, provide assistance, and guide parents on the way to help the kid improve within the required areas to succeed in their potential.