Physiotherapy for Spinal Cord in Bawana
Physiotherapy for Spinal Cord in Bawana

The spinal cord injuries are mainly of two categories: quadriplegia and paraplegia. Although they are severe conditions but the scope of enhancing health conditions can be increased using the Physiotherapy treatment for Spinal Cord Injury in Bawana.


A medical condition known as quadriplegia or tetraplegia, in which the lower and upper extremities, or at times the entire trunk/torso gets paralyzed. Severe symptoms along with indication of nerve damage and disruption of the normal muscle movement.

Physiotherapy Treatment for Spinal Cord Injury:

The ability to use the upper limbs is most important to regain independence. Several studies have shown how different training techniques can help in improvement of the functionality of arm and hands after injury to spinal cord injury.

Individual goals according to the requirement of each patient are chalked out by the physical therapists. A set of specific and suitable training program is designed to gain success. The surgeons and physicians perhaps recommend the use of the task specific training procedure.

So the physiotherapists make sure to accomplish the reinforcement of the muscles of the patient and also to teach them individually the amount of control to be exercised on these muscles.

Wellbeing Care provides the Spinal Cord treatment in Bawana under professional physiotherapists. We provide physical therapy which play a crucial role to improve the condition of patient. At times the lack of physical activity results in chronic spinal cord injury. The physical therapist should keep in mind to address this important point.

These activities should be performed gradually and slowly. Furthermore medication is also associated with a special diet of enough water and salt; with regular exercise therapy prevent hypotension. The respiratory problems come along with tetraplegia. Various recommendations like secretion removal techniques, use of expiratory flow devices, improvement in various components of cough such as vital capacity, maximum respiratory pressures, and flow rate can be implemented. If anyone looking for best physiotherapist for spinal cord injury in Bawana then contact Wellbeing Care known. He has 9years of experience in physiotherapy field who take care for their patients in very friendly manner. The physiotherapy training has not been proven to heal the patients completely, but have acted as a means of improvising the health conditions to a much larger extent.

Innovative physiotherapy techniques can be designed such as:

  • Physical activities which are task-specific are ideal for the improvement of the hand functions. The recent studies show that such training helps in improving the arm and hand function and its activity level
  • Making use of lower extremities cycling in order to increase the functional electrical stimulation.
  • For regaining or maintaining muscle mass in the legs, activities such as treadmill gait and electrical stimulation during gait should be performed.
  • In order to strengthen the bones and to gain other benefits tasks such as physical or cardiovascular activities can be recommended.
  • For the simulation of the blood flow, circulatory exercises before standing up might prove to be helpful.
  • Activities such as form a lying position and then getting up to a sitting position is advisable for patients often become prone to hypotension and orthostatic hypotension them.
  • The respiratory muscles in quadriplegic patients can be improved by the inspiratory muscle training under the guidance of a threshold trainer at low loads.


Paraplegia is another kind of a spinal cord injury that results in paralysis of the lower limbs. This condition occurs due to a severe damage caused to the spinal cord and the nervous system. The main body parts affected by paraplegia are the trunk, legs, and the pelvic region, that further result in loss of movement.

Causes of paraplegia include:
  • Strokes which are the most common cause of non-traumatic paraplegia.
  • Genetic disorders include condition such as hereditary spastic paraplegia.
  • Deprivation of oxygen to the brain or spinal cord due to certain conditions such as choking, childbirth complications, and other injuries.
  • Autoimmune disorders.

Physiotherapy treatment for paraplegia:

The paraplegia treatment begins with all the efforts concentrating on the rehabilitation of the patient. Hire well experienced and professional physiotherapist for paraplegia in Bawana. At the early or immediate stages, the physical therapist keeps the most important points in mind:

  • Preventing pressure sores
  • Controlling the urinary infections
  • Preventing the muscle tendon contractures of paralyzed limbs which occur due to faulty position. In conditions such as keeping the legs constantly abducted, flexed hips and knees, and plantar flexion of the feet and toes, the contracture may occur.

The prevention of complete immobilization after such severe injury can be prevented by:

  • The Physiotherapy for Paraplegia in Bawana include activities such as the strengthening and stretching of the muscles of the trunk and upper limbs can prevent the occurrence of the faulty positions.
  • Activities that involve intensive physical training program
  • Climbing and going down the standard 20 stairs for a time period of 10 to 15 weeks
  • Walking for 100 meters indoors with crutches
  • Recommendation of being mobile as much as possible
  • But the patient should not to be completely independent of a wheelchair
  • Intense and regular therapy for spasticity